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Company History

Homestead Maid Services was launched in the early 1980s in an attempt to fill a growing need – that of busy people struggling to balance career & family schedules. The housekeeping services we provide fulfill that need.

Since that time we have provided a full range of house cleaning services that have proven to be of superior quality and cost effectiveness. Our business grew quickly, with much of that growth generated by satisfied clients who referred friends and coworkers. Now over 30 years later, Homestead Maid Services makes more than 15,000 service calls per year, the majority of them to regular clients who have been using our service for years.

We believe that the key to our success has been the fact that we take the word “service” very literally and very seriously. We and our staff are personally committed to meeting our clients’ varying needs while always striving for excellence.

Looking ahead, we will continue to utilize our experience, resources, and vision to merit the confidence and trust of Toronto’s most discerning homemakers. Please contact us for more information or to schedule a service appointment.

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